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 Sensory Safari
The trailer was a big hit at the Fox C-6 Early Childhood Development School on October 12th. Dennis Moore and Willie Reid were on the road at 4:30 a.m. to get to Arnold, MO and beat rush hour traffic. A number of the kids suffer from physical and/or mental handicaps. They were very excited about being able to see and touch the mounts. One young girl, who was blind, really seemed to enjoy the different feels of the furs, horns and antlers. She put Dennis on the spot, because she wanted to know the first names of the animals. So, there is now Stevie the Skunk, Ozzie the Otter, Benny the Beaver, etc. Besides the kids touring the trailer, we had a number of people who just stopped and looked because they saw the trailer on the parking lot. We received a lot of positive feedback. A number of people who saw the trailer wanted all of you to know they thought what we were doing was a great thing!